Merch Monger takes over Wrigleyville for St. Patrick's Day

Our company has officially been in business for thirty days. Happy one month anniversary to Merch Monger! We have learned so much during this short time which will hopefully lead to more success in the future. We have had the opportunity to meet and engage with individuals to help move our business forward so we're excited for what's to come. Our current collections include a St. Patrick's Day and Chicago Inspired themes.
We were looking for an opportunity to interact with our customers in the Chicago area on a personal level so we came with the idea to have a St. Patrick's Day t-shirt giveaway. We considered which Chicago neighborhood would be the best for bars that celebrate St. Paddy's Day and agreed that Wrigleyville would be a winner. We decided to take two of our most popular St. Paddy's tees and hand them out to lucky patrons at a few bars in the area. We decided to make a custom Chicago version of our Claw Me I'm Irish tee and we selected I Love Day Drinking for the giveaway. 
White Claw shirtSt Patrick's Day ShirtClaw Shirt
First we visited The Graystone Tavern, then a St. Patrick's Day pop up bar Charm'd and lastly Sluggers to give away the t-shirts. We were so excited to see how the patrons and our favorite bartenders were interacting with our t-shirts and everyone were so cool and welcoming. Chicago sure knows how to party! We would like to give special thanks to the participating bars and an extra special thank you to all that participated in the t-shirt giveaway!