About Us

Merch Monger was started with the idea to bring fun, pride and self-expression through fashion. We are college buddies with art and business backgrounds, both eager to utilize our skill sets, so naturally we were inspired to form a clothing brand. Noticing a void for hometown pride and holiday apparel in our home city of Chicago we saw the perfect opportunity to bring something new and fresh to the table. After planning, sketching, designing mockups, and creating samples Merch Monger was born.
Our mission at Merch Monger is to provide an opportunity for individuals to express themselves through fashion. We want our designs to connect with consumers on a personal level. We believe that everyone has a voice to be heard so why not express it through fashion. We are a brand for the people. 
Our hope is that our products will bring happiness, a sense of pride, and above all unique style to your everyday life as you chill, work or play. We want to thank you for taking a moment to check us out and hope that there is something in our offerings to showcase your uniqueness. The hustle never stops. Push forward!
Alex & Brannon